Tanning Body & Bed Protector - 100% Bamboo Viscose


Beauty sleep, reinvented.

Our luxury TANBAE Body & Bed Protector is designed to preserve your stunning tan and protect your sheets. The best part is that it isn't just for when you're tanning.

It’s perfect after other skincare products and treatments and is the perfect addition to your beauty routine that you can do in your sleep. Made from 100% Bamboo Viscose, our unique fabric is gentle on sensitive skin and hair all whilst being luxuriously soft and silky.

Beauty benefits:

  • Silky-smooth surface reduces tension on delicate skin, preventing sleep creases and fine lines
  • Reduces friction on hair, minimising frizz, tangles, split ends and breakages
  • Low absorbency fabric allows tan, skin and hair care products to stay on your skin where they belong
  • Does not absorb natural oils and moisture from skin and hair, keeping them hydrated and healthy.
  • Natural fibres prevent irritation and rubbing which is kind to sensitive skin
  • Breathable, retains heat in cold weather while excess heat is expelled in warm weather, helping your body maintain a comfortable, natural temperature.


  • One size fits all, measuring 140cm x 210cm
  • Detachable pillowcase allows for flexible sleeping options
  • Invisible zip and reversible design accommodates either side of the bed

Each Tanbae Body & Bed Protector includes one pillowcase and one sleeping sheet. 

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