5 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

2020 is here and the new decade’s resolutions are coming in thick and fast. Health and wellness goals are often at the top of the list, and skin health shouldn’t be an exception! While cutting carbs and hitting the gym might be a stretch, here are a few realistic goals to make your 2020 complexion your best yet. 

Stop skipping SPF

There’s no excuse to not be wearing an SPF every day in 2020 and it’s time to take responsibility for protecting your skin from UV rays. Sun damage not only causes premature ageing, it also greatly increases your risk of skin cancer. SPF shouldn’t just stop at your face either. The skin is the body’s biggest organ and applying sunscreen is one of the best things you can do to protect it. 

Exfoliate regularly

Aside from keeping skin soft and supple, exfoliating regularly improves the skins texture, helps in the absorption of other products and promotes clear blemish-free skin. 

Stop sleeping in makeup 

The ultimate beauty sin! If this is still one of your bad habits, 2020 is the year to break it! Sleeping in makeup clogs pores, causing blackheads, breakouts and a dull complexion. It can also cause irritation to the skin and the eyes. Use your nightly cleanse as a form of self-care to take off the day.

Moisturise your body 

So many of us moisturise our face but skip the rest of our body all together. Just like on your face, dehydrated skin on the body is more prone to premature ageing. Not to mention, moisturising your body is the number one way to extend the life of your tan.

Prioritise Sleep 

Running on empty is not a vibe in 2020. There’s no questioning the multitude of benefits around getting your eight hours every night. Quality sleep will keep your dark circles and your stress levels at bay. Stress being a primary cause of skin troubles!

It’s also important to consider what you’re sleeping in. Our Body and Bed Protector is made from bamboo viscose which makes it frictionless. This is beneficial for your skin and hair as it prevents fine lines and wrinkles and protects against hair breakage. Bamboo viscose is less absorbent than cotton, allowing your skincare products to be absorbed more fully by your skin instead of your sheets.

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